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What Our Clients Said

A good, honest and hardworking company. We used IR Plastering to re-skim our kitchen and the service was excellent. Will use this service again.

- M James, Rossett

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Metal Stud Partition:

Metal Stud Partitions are lightweight, non-loadbearing and quickly assembled on site. They provide cost effective partitions suitable for all types of commercial, recreational, institutional and industrial buildings, as well as residential developments such as flats and apartments. They are also approved for use in hospitals.
Metal stud can also be used as a wall lining system.

Benefits to metal stud partition systems

  • Lightweight
  • Range of framing options to match performance requirements, stud widths @ 48,60,70,92 and 146mm. Floor & Ceiling Channel widths @ 50,62,72,94 and 148mm.
  • Accommodates services within stud cavity
  • Satisfies strength and robustness requirements of BS 5234 (up to severe duty)
  • 30 – 120 minutes fire resistance
  • Capable of achieving high levels of sound insulation
  • Can allow for deflection at head
  • Versatile and quick to install
  • Single layer or double layer board linings


Staggered Stud Partition:

Staggered stud partition is a non-loadbearing partition which provides very high levels of sound insulation up to and exceeding separating wall standard. The partition can be specified in all types of buildings in both new and refurbishment. In public and commercial developments it can be used for space division within critical areas of offices, hotels, schools, hospitals, recreational complexes, shops and conference centres. In industrial units it can be used to isolate machinery noise. In refurbishment work on residential units it can be used as a sound resisting, space saving partition between dwellings.

Robust Metal Stud Partition:

Robust Metal Stud Partition is a high impact resistant partition system for use where a more durable surface is required. It is erected on site to provide a lightweight, cost effective, non-loadbearing partition suitable for all types of commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings, as well as residential areas. The partitions are approved by The Department of Health.

Curved Metal Stud Partition:

Curved Stud partition is lightweight, non-loadbearing and easily assembled on site. It provides a highly cost effective way of forming curved walls and linings, with either a concave or convex curvature. The partition can be installed in all types of buildings to achieve the radii required by the designer.

Quiet Metal Stud Partition:

Quiet Metal stud separating wall is lightweight, non-loadbearing, twin framed wall system. It is primarily used as a sound resisting wall in residential units such as flats or apartments, to meet the national requirements of national Building Regulations. The partition can achieve sound insulation in excess of 60db to meet onerous separating wall standards as well as achieving high levels of fire resistance.

Audio Metal Stud Partition:

Audio Metal Stud Partition is a non-loadbearing, twin frame high performance wall system which provides exceptionally high levels of sound insulation and can exceed audio performance requirements for cinemas equipped with state-of-the-art surround sound. It is used to separate multiple use recreational facilities such as multi-screen cinemas, exhibition and conference centres, sports and leisure centres.

Fire Resistant Metal Stud:

Fire Resistant Metal Stud Partition is a non-loadbearing wall which provides up to 240 minutes fire resistance. It is used in certain ground floor basement situations in shops and industrial storage areas to provide sub-division and other specific conditions of use as determined by insurance companies.

Drylining Systems:

Drylining Systems all use the principle of adhesive dabs to bond boards directly to masonry walls. They can be used in all building types both new-build and refurbishment work. The drylining system uses various wallboards depending on requirements.

Independent Wall Linings (IWL):

Independent Wall Lining is a lightweight, non-loadbearing dry internal lining which is erected independently of the external wall construction. The system is used in all types of buildings, but is particularly suitable for those with reinforced concrete or steel frames. The lining provides fire resistance to structural steel sections clad with lightweight metal sheeting and can also be used in association with new or existing masonry walls to increase sound insulation and meet thermal performance requirements.

Wall Lining:

Wall Lining is cost effective, virtually independent metal frame dry internal lining. It is a general purpose system which is non-loadbearing and suitable for all internal applications. It can be used in building types ranging from private houses to large commercial developments. The inherent versatility makes it equally suitable as a wall and ceiling lining.